The Responses Are In: Mitch Rapp Ambassadors Rave About ‘Order To Kill’ (In Stores On October 11th!)

Once again Atria Books is sending out free advance reader copies of the latest Mitch Rapp novel as part of their Mitch Rapp Ambassador program. And, once again, I’m collecting feedback from the Ambassadors and reporting what they have to say here.

Personally, I loved Order To Kill and went on record (in my review over on The Real Book Spy) saying it’s the best book in the series since Consent To Kill. Kyle Mills has done a phenomenal job yet again, following last year’s The Survivor, and deserves a ton of credit for not only stepping in and continuing the excellence fans came to expect from Vince Flynn, but for elevating this franchise to new heights.

Read my full review here, or scroll down to see what the Ambassadors have to say about Order To Kill, a Mitch Rapp novel by Kyle Mills. Most importantly, though, click here to pre-order your copy today!

(This list will be updated as new feedback is collected from Ambassadors leading up to October!)

From the Mitch Rapp Ambassadors

“I was impressed by both the contemporary setting of the plot and the wonderful continued development of the story that is Mitch Rapp. I found the book to be fast-paced, surprising and exciting at every turn and Mitch is back in old form, eliminating everything and everyone that stands in his way. I love how Kyle has seamlessly progressed the characters and storyline and I am looking forward to years of his story telling.” – Jack

“Kyle Mills has done it again! For the second time, Kyle has written a novel that is indistinguishable from the style of Vince Flynn… If you like Mitch Rapp, you’ll like Order to Kill!” – Gary

“I would describe The Survivor as Kyle Mills hitting a game winning home run in the bottom of the ninth. With Order To Kill, he hit a game winning grand slam at the world series. It’s THAT good” – Slaven

“Order To Kill was amazing! Mitch is as good as ever, and in some ways better than ever… He is still the baddest man alive when it comes to dealing with those wishing to do harm to America… Classic Mitch Rapp!” – Dave

Order to Kill is a first rate book. If you’re a fan of the thriller genre, you have to check it out. Mitch Rapp’s skills are put to the test from beginning to end. When you get to the last page you’ll be saying “I want more!” – Chris

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