The Responses are in, Read what the Mitch Rapp Ambassadors Have to Say About The Survivor!

Kyle Mills
Author Kyle Mills

It’s been almost a month since I wrote my review of The Survivor, the latest Mitch Rapp book, set to hit bookstores on Tuesday, October 6. Since posting my review, I’ve been all over Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and many other websites and social media platforms, spreading the word that this is definitely one of the best Mitch Rapp books ever.

In fact, I’ve even publicly said to anyone that will listen that The Survivor is one of the top three best Rapp novels, ever! Personally, Transfer of Power will always be my favorite Rapp story for several reasons. The fact that it was the vehicle that first introduced Mitch to the world, and because it is widely considered one of the greatest thrillers ever written, make it nearly untouchable on my opinion.

After Transfer of Power, Consent to Kill would be next on my top three list. It’s hard to explain to someone that hasn’t read the Rapp series why this book is so great. Most of the reasons have to do with a shift in Rapp, but I don’t want to share those reasons with someone who hasn’t already read it for fear of spoiling the plot.

Beyond that, Consent to Kill was superbly written by Vince Flynn. It’s actually the longest book he ever wrote, and there’s tons of energy from the first page to the last, which is incredibly difficult to do in a book that’s 465 pages long.

After those two iconic novels, which I’ll always consider to be a couple of the best thrillers ever written, The Survivor rounds out my top three favorite Rapp books. To put into perspective just how much I liked this book, I actually prefer it to some of Vince Flynn’s other greats such as: American Assassin, Memorial Day and The Last Man.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve seen me offer steady praise for American Assassin, Memorial Day and The Last Man. I still love them the same, but The Survivor is a more thrilling book. I’m excited for its release because I can’t wait for other fans to feel the same way about it that I do, and I’m confident they will. Everybody is going to love it, I guarantee it!

Regardless of how many people I tell about the phenomenal job Kyle Mills did stepping in and continuing this franchise, there’s always a skeptic or two still voicing concern. I get it, I really do. I shared those feelings, but about two chapters into The Survivor I was thoroughly impressed with Mills’ ability to mimic Flynn’s voice.

A few weeks ago I was telling another customer at my local Barnes & Noble how incredible the new book is, and suggested that they sign up on Vince Flynn’s website to be a Mitch Rapp Ambassador.

The Ambassador program was a genius marketing strategy by the publisher that allows a certain number of fans to obtain an advance copy of The Survivor. The idea is that if fans love it, then they will tell other fans how good it is so that everyone buys it.

As I was standing there talking to this gentleman in the bookstore, telling him to sign up, the idea of reaching out to Rapp Ambassadors hit me. I started contacting them individually, asking them to send me their thoughts on The Survivor. They are all friendly people that have one major thing in common: each of them are huge fans of Mitch Rapp.

So without further ado, here’s the responses they sent me. Posting them right here, all together, is my way of saying, “see, don’t just take my word for it!” Also, I would like to point out that I used every response I was sent. Not one single person had a negative thing to say about Mills, him taking over the series, or The Survivor. It was all quite the opposite, in fact. Check it out!

Stacy (the wonderful force behind the @VinceFlynnFans Twitter account!


“Kyle Mills has done a fantastic job. He has taken the series, making it his own, yet, staying true to Vince Flynn, Mitch Rapp and the other characters, and for us, the fans. Mills has captured Vince’s voice. If I didn’t know Vince didn’t write this one (aside from Chapter 1), and wasn’t paying particular attention, I wouldn’t have known it. The story, is perfect, picking up right where Flynn left us with “The Last Man”.

Thank you Kyle Mills for bringing back Mitch Rapp!!

And a big Thank You goes out to the Flynn Family, as well as the Simon & Schuster/Atria Books/Emily Bestler Books team!!

Vince would be proud!”

Steve: “After the disappointment of the too-early passing of one of my favorite authors, Vince Flynn, I was thrilled that Kyle Mills brought Mitch Rapp back to us in The Survivor! And I was thrilled that Mitch Rapp returns in the same manner that Vince developed him. Kyle Mills, and The Survivor, show us that Mitch Rapp is STILL as audacious as Harvath, Reacher, Allon and the other greats! Rapp is back!”

Josh: “Mills really dug into Rapp and company. His writing was respectful of Flynn’s work but took some chances of his own. GREAT book.”

Mel: “Mitch Rapp is back without a doubt! Kyle Mills hits a GRAND SLAM and did Vince Flynn, and The Survivor, justice. You’d swear Vince was whispering in Kyle’s ear. Mitch has jumped up off the coroner’s table and the body count is rising, again!”

Scot: I thought there was no way I would enjoy a Rapp novel without Vince. Kyle honored him and his vision for Mitch. Rapp is back!”

Chris: “Overall I think this was right on par with Vince’s Rapp, and that Kyle did one heck of a job to create a new character true to himself, but continuing the legend that Vince had so masterfully built!”

Pat: “The Survivor was fantastic. Vince’s characters, story lines, and style of writing were preserved and made for an awesome read. I always noticed when Irene entered the room Vince would describe how she would push her hair behind her ear, Kyle did the same thing. Little things like that made for a seamless, easy transition.”

Richard: “Really liked the book. I thought Kyle Mills stayed true to the characters and Vince Flynn’s style. I look forward to more from Kyle and the future of Mitch Rapp.”

Jolene: “I was expecting to be able to tell where Vince stopped and Kyle finished. I couldn’t. Very fluid transition, excellent!”

Brian: “I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a Mitch Rapp ambassador and I couldn’t be happier. Mitch Rapp is back and as great as ever. I laughed and cried, and laughed some more. Kyle Mills is definitely carrying on where Vince Flynn left off, I can’t wait for the next book.”

Beth S: “Kyle Mills “channels” Vince Flynn to a T in “The Survivor.” If you didn’t know that Vince had been unable to finish the story, you still wouldn’t — the transition is seamless. Mills obviously immersed himself in the characters and Vince’s style. You won’t be disappointed with this book. It is classic Flynn and he would be very pleased with Mill’s take on Mitch and crew.”

Doug: “Kyle Mills has tapped Vince Flynn’s energy and produced a more than worthy Mitch Rapp adventure.”

Stephanie: “It’s really fast paced, the reader doesn’t have the chance to catch their breath. Make no mistake, it is a true Rapp book.”

Tyler“I thought Kyle Mills did a phenomenal job and clearly understands Vince’s mindset and where he was taking the story and each individual character. I couldn’t tell the difference between the two authors in terms of how it was written, the pace of the story, the political side of the story and the mannerisms and characteristics of each character. I was very pleased with the book and truly feel that Mr. Mills is the best choice for taking over the Rapp series.”

Miranda: I am so glad that I read this book! It was amazing. It is incredible to me that Kyle was able to write in the same style and maintain the characters’ integrity or lack thereof. . I cannot imagine how much research he had to put into this endeavor to be able to pull off such a seamless continuation. He greatly exceeded any expectation I had for this book! Even Vince would be proud. It will not disappoint even the most avid fans.

Carlos: “I’m in awe of the flawlessly written book by an author who gave tribute to two great men that, to me, have always been one and the same. Mitch Rapp lives, Kyle Mills got it right, Vince is happy in heaven, match point! Well done.

James: “Mitch lives on! If I didn’t know better I would swear Vince Flynn is still with us, and in a way he is. His legacy is in great hands! When is the next one due out?”

Brian C: “The Survivor is a top notch Rapp thriller. Kyle Mills delivered a major hit. Everyone should pre-order it!”

Curtis: “From the first page of The Survivor two things are absolutely clear: Mitch Rapp is back, and we’re in good hands with Kyle Mills.”

Beth H: The Survivor takes us all over the world, and captures the reader on page one. There is murder, mayhem, and magic…Kyle Mills is keeping Rapp around. The Survivor ranks as one of my favorite Mitch Rapp books!”

Sarah: “After an agonizingly long wait, Mitch Rapp is back.  Thank goodness for that.  Whether Vince or Kyle is writing, no character compares… I couldn’t tell what was Vince and what was Mills. That’s a huge accomplishment and my kudos and thanks go to Mills for taking this project on, and leaving an appropriate tribute to Flynn!”

Slaven: “The Survivor is incredible, it’s everything I’ve come to expect from Vince over the years and more. Kyle Mills did his research and definitely earned himself a new fan from this picky reader.”

Thad: “Kyle Mills did an amazing job bringing our favorite characters back to life for another adventure. The Survivor is a fantastic read and I am sure somewhere Vince is looking down smiling. The story had me hooked from the very beginning and like all the other Mitch Rapp stories, I couldn’t put this one down. Well done, Kyle. I can’t wait to read the next installment.

Mike: What I enjoyed most – and what I was most concerned about – was how Mills captured Rapp’s ‘voice.’ It is one thing to imitate a writing style but to capture a character’s voice (what we ‘hear’ in our head when we read) is quite a different feat altogether. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the next Rapp novel.”

Bryan: After finally finishing The Survivor, I can honestly say that Mills deserves some serious credit. The gap between he and Flynn’s writing is very, very small. There are no character issues. I thought I’d be able to tell the difference between Flynn and Mills just based on character interactions, and Mills has nailed that too. Very impressed.”

Joshua: “I just finished reading my advance copy of The Survivor and I can honestly say that Kyle Mills nailed it. For all the Vince Flynn out there, I can say honestly that you cannot see where Vince left off and Kyle began. Great work!”

Andrew: “First off, the transition from Vince to Kyle is seamless. Secondly, Mills takes the human aspect of Rapp, Hurly, Nash, and Kennedy to a level that I wasn’t prepared for.”

Addiel: “The Survivor is as good as advertised! Kyle Mills got the pacing, twists and the psyche of the characters totally right.”

Craig: “It’s clear that Kyle Mills has researched Mitch Rapp and wanted to stay true to the character that Vince Flynn created. He did a marvelous job! I just think Vince would approve, and enjoy reading it as much as fans will. It’s really good to know that Vince’s legacy is in good hands and we can look forward to more Mitch Rapp in the years to come.”

Kathryn: “I’m sure there are many fans like me who have been cautiously optimistic about The Survivor and where Kyle Mills might take Mitch Rapp. There is no need to worry! It was outstanding and I was pleasantly surprised with the way he continued to develop the character. The future looks bright and I’m excited to know that Mitch and crew will be around for a while.”

Matthew: I finished The Survivor. The ambassador program was a great idea to involve the fans!!! What a fantastic move from one author (RIP Vince Flynn) to another (Kyle Mills). He did not disappoint, very seamless move. I read it in one sitting, in about eight hours. That’s why I love these writers and this character. Mitch Rapp is back!

Barbara: Kyle Mills has proven to be an excellent choice to continue the Mitch Rapp Series by Vince Flynn. Having taken on the challenge to finish the latest adventures of Mitch Rapp, Kyle filled Vince’s shoe extremely well. Kyle has kept true to the characters we love, and you cannot tell where Vince left off and Kyle took over. Great, must read!

So there you have it. The responses are in and The Survivor is a huge hit! Like I said, don’t just take my word for it. Take our word for it. If you’re a fan of Mitch Rapp, do yourself a favor and get it pre-ordered today!

Click here to pre-order it on Amazon, or here to order it from Barnes & Nobole.

If you’re an Ambassador, and you don’t see your name mentioned above, contact me and I’ll add your thoughts right away! To everyone that’s already contributed, thank you.

Mitch Rapp is back!

As always, I leave you with a quote.

“Rapp was a lot of things, but nothing more so than a survivor.” – Vince Flynn (Act of Treason)


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